Embracing the Seasons of Aging

Mar 26, 2023

The changes in seasons always provide an opportunity to evaluate changes in our lives.

In the past it was most frequently associated with changes in the sports season or the end of the school year for my boys. We ushered in a new season by evaluating what new gear was needed, or what plans were in place to keep them busy during the long summer days. 

Those days are past for me. All the boys are grown and out of the house. There are no more laundry baskets filled with stinky sport clothes and an SUV loaded full of sports equipment. 

However I find myself at the change of a different season. I have moved full on from my reproductive years through perimenopause and marched right into menopause. I wish I could report that all the signs or symptoms that are associated with perimenopause had marched right on out with them, but sadly there are still days, or weeks even that I seem to struggle.

I don’t have hot flashes nearly as often, but there are days I feel the overwhelming fatigue and brain fog setting in that makes me more forgetful. I am unable to get my thoughts organized and my energy levels do not rebound as quickly from an extra busy week. This is new territory for me for sure, but I am hopeful that things will continue to improve.

I feel as though the aging process is a bit like the changing seasons. 

In spring, everything feels fresh and new - just like when we're young. We have all this energy and enthusiasm for life, and everything seems possible. 

As summer rolls around, things start to heat up. We're in our prime, soaking up the sun and enjoying all that life has to offer. We're strong and vibrant, just like the lush green leaves on the trees. 

By the time autumn arrives, things start to slow down. The leaves begin to change color and fall to the ground, just like our bodies start to change as we age. We may not be as energetic as we once were, but we're wiser and more experienced. 

And finally, winter comes. The world is quiet and still, just like our bodies may become more fragile and slower. But just like the promise of spring, we know that life is cyclical and there's always a new season waiting around the corner. 

I could look at the changes in my life and relate them to autumn with its slowing pace. Sure there is less running around with kids and when I climb the stairs knees may crunch louder than a bag of Cheetos. I choose to embrace the new season in my life as though it is a fresh start, akin to spring. New opportunities abound and I feel energized by the freedom that I no longer feel the need to compare myself to a younger version of me or anyone else. I am much more confident in my own skin, comfortable with inserting my opinions and I rarely give a flying flip what anyone else thinks. 

Beyond that, much like the spring flowers and new leaves on the trees, I see this season of my life as full of new opportunities. I am more relaxed and enjoy the more important things in life; family, friends and my physical and mental health. While I haven’t mastered all my healthy habits everyday, I continue to listen to my body and focus on what I know provides nourishment and fulfillment.

If you find yourself like me at the turning point of your life in many ways,  I invite you to  embrace the changing seasons of life - each one has its own unique beauty and lessons to teach us. 

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